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Tap into the Attractive Market, Japan

Why not take your first step into Japanese market by exhibiting at COSME TOKYO / COSME OSAKA?
Japan is 3rd largest cosmetics market in the world and as you can see below, Japanese market has been growing continuously in each categories.
Check the Japanese market information, and consider your exhibiting at the show. Japanese consumers are await for your products!

1. Japan - World’s 3rd Largest Market

Global comparison - Revenue 2020


Given the population size, Japan’s average expense on cosmetics per person is World’s No.1!

2. Cosmetics Market is Growing in Japan

Total Cosmetics Manufactured in Japan


In 2019, the total cosmetics manufactured in Japan reached JPY 1.7 trillion, which is up by 125% compared with 10 years ago (2009). The cosmetics market in Japan is highly growing.

3. Growing Imported Cosmetics Market in Japan

Amount of Cosmetics Import in Japan

The amount of import cosmetics has been doubled over the past 15 years in Japan. (Source: Cosmetics Importers Association of Japan)
Especially from 2011 to 2019, the market size has been rapidly growing, and due to this growth, many of stores start dealing with import cosmetics.

4. Natural/Organic Market is rapidly growing

In 2018, the market scale of Natural/Organic cosmetics in Japan is expected to reach JPY 121.5 billion, which is up by 9.2% from 2016. (Source: Yano Research) This market expansion brings the largest number of exhibitors with organic/natural cosmetics to the show.

5. Japanese Make-Up Market Size is increasing

The Make-up market including base-make and point-make has been growing in 5 years from 2012 by 23% with high stability.

6. Import Fragrances are getting popular in Japan

Especially high-luxury and products for the young are getting popular in the recent years. With the increase demand for import fragrances, wide range of purchasing channels like department stores, variety shops, online stores, etc. are dealing with that in Japan.

(Source: Japan Flavor&Fragrance Materials Association)

7. Hair Care Market is continuously growing

With the increase demands for hair care products, various types of products like shampoo, hair oil, scalp care products are gathering a large attention from visitors at the show.
(Source: Yano Research)

(Exchange rate: as of July, 2018)

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