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[Tokyo Show] Conference Program (2020)

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Bilingual Sessions

Learn the Latest Trends & Strategies!

Total 145* sessions were held by industry leaders in 3-days show period.

Keynote Session

Jan. 20 (Mon) 10:00-11:30

Pola's approach and vision of personalized cosmetics

Hiroe Yamaguchi
Corporate Officer

In recent years, with the increased number of customers who value more on their own style of living, the personalization of services and products has been growing in different markets. I'd like to introduce our new effort of designing each single customer's future based on the co‐creation between customer and Beauty Director, by bringing up a topic of the renewal of APEX, POLA's tailored cosmetic brand which celebrates its 30th anniversary.

(* Please note that the speaker has been changed because of an unavoidable reason.)

The new era of D2C marketing:Explore our unique "fans" community marketing

Tomoko Saito
President, Representative Director,

Attenir Corp.

Our innovative and unique approach on building the brand, and at the same time, connecting with loyal customers "fans". In this seminar, you can find out on our new business strategy using SPA business model and "fans" community platform. Explore how we accurately pick our fans passion, excitement and enthusiasm, and create a bond between the brand and them, and moreover, leading to our product development. Experience how important it is!

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*Recording and Photography are strictly prohibited.
*The speakers and programs are subject to change.
*The textbooks in English are not available.
*When the conference is unexpectedly cancelled or discontinued for any reason whatsoever,
 neither the organizer nor the organization the speaker belongs to will assume any responsibility other than reimbursement of the conference tickets.
*The organizer will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage a third party may receive by the content of the conference.
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For more information, please contact: cosme-con@reedexpo.co.jp

Exhibitors' Presentation

Exhibitors will give presentations about the latest products/technologies.

No registration required.
Please go to the venue (inside exhibition hall) directly.
Please note that some presentations might be given only in Japanese.